Monday, June 23, 2008

Hannah Hulme p 17

Hanna Hulme was born in Duckinfield, Cheshire, England on 24th of November, 1834. When she was 14, she came to America with her Father William Hulme and sister Alice, age 15. The sailed on the ship Hartley to the New Orleans harbor. Because of the treachery of one member of the company, her Father, who was the leader of the company, was detained and sent by to England. Hannah and Alice were left alone. They traveled to Fort Hall in Idaho, with a Blair family who were going to Oregon. There arrangements were made to go to Salt Lake City. She went to work for James Henry Rollins and later married him just before the family went to San Bernadino, California. The later lived in Minersville, Utah. One of her daughters is Hanna Burdette Rollins, page 9

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