Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Marion N Davidson p 4

Marion was born in 1899 in Fairview, Sanpete county, Utah at the home of his grandfather Peter Niels Hansen the same house his Mother was born in. He was raised in Mt. Pleasant, where the family was, In 1910, the family moved to Bridger Valley, Wyoming. the ranch was near Mt. View, Fort Bridger, and Urie. There was not a hight school in Bridger Valley so his schooling ended when he finshed the eighth grade. One year when Marions job was to herd the sheep in the foothills of the Uintah Mountains, he had been inthe hills most of the summer, he had to come down to the valley for some reason, his horse went lame and so he had to walk the last 5 or 6 miles. His younger brother Amber was in the area on horse back and could see this Man with long hair walking toward him and shouting to him and waving at him; but not knowing who the man was Amber kept about two blocks away all the way home to the ranch. Amber was certainly embarassed that he had made his older brother walk so far when he could have given Marion a ride home.

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